The Best Baby Idea™ is looking for ideas for new baby products. Is your product idea:

  • Completely new?
  • A solution for a clearly defined problem?
  • Suitable for sale in maternity (gift) stores?
  • And above all is it really nice?
  • If so, we would be keen to see whether we can work with you to make a success of your idea.

Does this idea appeal to you?

In that case please read all the information on this website carefully, then don’t hesitate to send us your idea!

  • Your idea will always remain your idea.
  • We will never do anything against your wishes with your idea.
  • Everyone receives feedback on their idea within a week.
  • If we receive similar ideas more than once, then the principle of ‘first-come first-served’ applies.
  • We will invite the inventors of the very best ideas to meet us in order to discuss the possibility of working together to introduce their idea to the market.

Idea = problem + solution.

A good idea doesn’t just make a problem clear, it also provides a fully worked out solution for the problem. A fully worked out solution might be in the form of a drawing or a prototype.

For example the Baby Shower Glove™ is the solution that was found for the problem of keeping secure hold of a slippery baby under the shower, with one arm.

If you don’t have a fully worked out solution but you do have a clearly identified problem that requires further thought, we would also be keen to hear about it. Maybe we can find a solution!

Have you read through all the information on this website, and would you like to register for the Best Baby Idea™?
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Bezig met versturen

Mariette van Muijen invented the Baby Shower Glove™:

‘I was completely overjoyed with my baby Rana, but when I held her under the shower this cute little baby suddenly became incredibly slippery! I was terrified that she was going to slip from my arms and fall. There had to be something I could do about it, I thought.

I went to see Guus Welling of Invented 4 Kids™ with a description of the problem and with a prototype that was put together by the tailor on our street. Guus could immediately see some merit in the idea. A year later the Baby Shower Glove™ was on sale in more than 200 stores and it has become a very popular maternity gift.

Looking back it has been great working with Invented 4 kids™. Guus knows everything there is to know about product development. He is full of constructive ideas and his vast knowledge and experience, combined with an extensive (International) network, the drive to bring an idea to fruition (often a process that can take years, and that demands a great deal of patience and dedication!), together with the entrepreneurial desire to really make a financial success of something, make him the perfect realisation partner. As an inventor I am happy with the agreement that I made with Guus, so I can also profit financially from the success of the business. I work as an innovation consultant and I am happy to continue helping him to devise simple but effective and attractive product ideas.’

The Best Baby Idea™ was initiated by inventor and entrepreneur Guus Welling.

With his Invented 4 Kids™ business he has developed a number of new baby and children’s products and successfully introduced them to the market. Examples are:

  • The Magic wee sticker™ (rewards ‘aiming carefully’ with a nice picture).
  • The Magic Potty™ potty training (the nicest way to quickly become potty trained).
  • The Baby Shower Glove™ (To keep hold of your baby more safely, while showering with the baby).

You can find more information about these products on our website.

Invented 4 Kids™

Guus Welling
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